About us

3D Ship – We design and engineer ships

We are the flexible engineers in maritime projects.
3D Ship – We design and engineer ships
We design yachts, inland and hotel ships and special vessels.
We can do it all, from project management to the actual (structural) design. We work for shipbuilders, shipping companies, municipalities, central government and maritime consultancies.

Independent & Flexible
The maritime world is very familiar territory for us, our foundation has been in shipbuilding since 1957. In 2012 we started to focus completely, and independently, on ship engineering. At our location in Grave, we work with a relatively small group of engineers on the most beautiful and challenging maritime projects.

Thanks to our years of experience and technical knowledge, we stand for quality and work proactively, in a structured and planned manner. With the best people, the right innovative systems and processes.

Project Management

3D Ship is happy to take on the project management. We act in accordance with your assignment and think along with you about the planning. We critically examine whether things can be improved and filter out all irregularities at the front end. Meticulous, analytical, qualitative, critical, efficient are typical words that describe our approach. So that you can rest easy and build a ship of superior quality.

Structural Design

3D Ship offers reliable construction solutions for all types of ships, especially complex cruise ships and yachts, as well as other shipbuilding projects.

Preliminary Design

In the preliminary design phase, our engineers work out the sketches of the ship. These preliminary designs serve as the preliminary design of what the ship will look like. We usually make this on behalf of maritime consultancies and shipbuilders.

Full Design

From preliminary design to final design, our engineers can do it all. Think of Detail Engineering, Mechanical and Construction Engineering. Technical designs, drawings and cost estimates, supported by design analyses and calculations, and technical specifications. Fully supported by our Siemens NX software

Our mission

Always be just one step ahead
The design and engineering of ship structures for inland shipping and yacht building. We stand for quality and thorough knowledge in guiding maritime projects through to the actual design.

We think ahead, we know what you need and go the extra mile. So that you can make speed on the water.

Our Vision

We are the flexible engineers in maritime projects.
Whether it is a preliminary design, structural design or full design, everything must come together in a rock-solid ship that meets all quality and environmental requirements.

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