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 3D Ship Engineering

Siemens NX specialists for your projects!

We are driven by our passion for Shipbuilding. Especially the engineering, which is necesarry to prepare the building of the ships. Our knowledge and experience combined with an advanced high-end 3D CAE system, which enables us to work efficiently and accurate, makes our work very interesting in many ways and for many parties involved in shipbuilding.

GVB IJveer 50-serie engineering met Siemens NX


Our activities vary but the two most important are the development of new projects in the shipbuilindg industry and the detailed engineering for large, complex maritime constructions. All with the aid of our Siemens NX 3D CAD/CAM/CAE system. Read more about projects....


Besides the development and execution of complete maritime projects we also work on the detailed engineering of large shipbuilding structures in special areas like the large mega yachts. Also the 3D Routing of the Siemens NX system is especially interesting for the mega yachtbuilding. Our engineering activities vary from detailed engineering of a ship section or superstructure to organizing the engineering and workpreparation including piping, nestings, building kit and workshop drawings. At 3D Ship Engineering we take care of all these activities. Read more about engineering……


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